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The Different Types of Pet Gates

Freestanding Gates
Freestanding gates are designed to keep your pet confined while you move freely about. Without the need of any type of mounted Freestanding gates support themselves to confine your pets. Their low height allows you to step over with ease! Side Panels are designed to keep the gate from tipping over, and allowing the gates to be placed in front of a opening instead of in between the opening. Rubber Feet keep it from sliding on carpet or hard floors. Freestanding gates are specially designed to move freely and store throughout your home, and to keep your pets safely confined.

Hardwood gates are not only a means to confine your pets, they are beautiful handcrafted pieces of furniture that add to your home décor. Hardwood gates do not stick out like a sore thumb, and add a welcome alternative to metal or wire gates.

Metal Gates
Strong and affordable metal gates are a good choice for wider opening and for determined pets. Their metal construction allow are more durable and affordable option when it comes to confining your pet.

Pressure Mounted Gates
Tension-Mount design allows you to attach it to a doorway/hallway opening to keep your pet confined to his/her own "special" area. Pressure Mounted gates usually feature a gate door that allows you to move freely from room to room. The handle design provides the option of opening/closing the gate with one hand. Lockable gate door provides additional pet security. Pressure Mounted gates keep your pets confined securely without the need of attached hardware to mount the gate.